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We solve these problems

fall in global Fintech funding
(2022 US196.6B Vs 2023 US$113.7B)
Source KPMG
> 0 %
Slowdown in funding and maturation of sector amid challenging economic and regulatory environment
estimated annual global funding gap for MSMEs
Source World Bank
US 0 T
MSMEs are the building block of every nation’s economy – 90% of business, 70% of employment
Unfilled jobs by 2030 due to talent shortage in global financial sector
Source Korn Ferry
0 m
Top-tier fintech professional to support the continual development of the sector

To facilitate connection, interaction and execution for global Fintech companies seeking investment with quality investors and institutional lenders

Who are we
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Flex International Hub is an open and trusted digital marketplace for global Fintech companies built and operated by Global Fintech Institute.

A Singapore-headquartered, not-for-profit Fintech think tank and educational institution, committed to promoting financial inclusion. Through our fintech programs, we aim to level the playing fields and empower our members not to only gain valuable digital finance skills, but also to contribute to a more equitable and accessible financial ecosystem.

We promote sustainable innovation, growth & inclusiveness

We solve these challenges by

Consolidating, onboarding, and matching global FinTechs with quality investment seeking entities

Facilitating discovery and more efficient use of funds from institutions lenders looking for higher returns and trusted financing opportunities to MSMEs globally

Developing and matchmaking talents to meet the demands of a growing FinTech sector

We build ecosystem

Our team has years of experience connecting bridges & building ecosystem in Singapore and overseas

Our team

Flex-Team-David Lee

David Lee

Co-founder & Chairman

Flex-Team-Chia Hock Lai

Chia Hock Lai


Flex-Team-Ong Suan Hwee

Ong Suan Hwee

Head of Ops & Partnership

Flex-Team-Joshua Chong

Joshua Chong

Head of FLEX

Press release
Monetary Authority of Singapore and Temasek Trust Collaborate to Accelerate Growth of FinTech and Impact Ecosystem
14 Nov 2023

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An open and trusted digital marketplace for global Fintech companies

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